Monday, 12 May 2014

Easy Batik Cake

Hello everyone and Assalamualaikum...........

Today i want to share to u how to make an easy batik cake..This is my 1st try and the result was impressive..This is an easy and simple cake to make. 

The ingredients:

350 g of cooking chocolate
4 tablespoon of cocoa powder 
100 g of buttercup
2 eggs
330 g of biscuits Marie (cut in large pieces)
1/2 cup of milk 


  • Melt cooking chocolate at a low temp to make sure the chocolate not burn (taste).
  • Add in cocoa powder, eggs and milk.Stir well.
  • When all ingredients combine add in butter and stir it again.
  • Lastly add in biscuits. Just stir it for a while because we don't want the biscuits to smash.
  • Put it in tray and keep it in refrigerator for about 2 hours or a night for a better result.

Don't forget to try and have a good day.

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